Telemedicine – Teleophthalmology

telemedicinaThe Fundacion Oftalmologica del ValleFOV is focused in the provision of visual health services through the mode of telemedicine as highly profitable cost-benefit alternative to expand coverage and reduce expected times in the medical specialized consultation with ophthalmologist, because we have understood that the telemedicine is an important technological advance in telecommunications and images processes which currently allows offering some services of ophthalmology to groups of population that are find far away, or with difficult or limited access to a medical specialist, without neglecting the level of the required care quality for the patient. (1)

The detection and the follow-up of the chronic glaucoma is a process that precise several diagnostics devices, where one of the more important is it nerve optical digital photography where are evaluated the intradiscal and extradiscal features as approximation the glaucoma diagnostic. These photographs are made by technicians transferring the equipment to remote sites where there is no need to dilate the pupil of the patient it can be obtained a good quality photograph.  Via electronic these photographs are sent to a center of reading where are analyzed by a sub-specialist ophthalmologist in glaucoma and according to the characteristics observed is can classify as normal or with glaucoma suspects.  Those patients with suspected glaucoma are forwards to an ophthalmologic consultation to complete his study. It should be noted that this resource is an excellent screening element since properly patients rate should attend an ophthalmologic consultation and which normal patients not would have that move further to any ophthalmologic check

The advantages offered by this type of projects is a greater simplicity and comfort for the consultation at any time and from any computer, as well as the possibility of images software applying to for this study, comparison or evolutionary analysis, this allows to integrate different scans, images, and other data, in the diagnostic process or evolution, also is the facility and speed provided for all kinds of pathologies related to statistical studies with Ophthalmology.


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