Trend of Glaucoma in the Valle del Cauca

 Graphic: Behaviour of the number of persons, number of attentions and concentration for the diagnosis of H40-H42 Glaucoma in the Valle del Cauca. 2009-2014


Source of information: SISPRO (System integrated of information of the protection Social) Ministry of health of Colombia

Based on the information that is presented in the previous graphic, there is a growing tendency, both in the number of people and the amount of attention by Glaucoma, carried out in the Department of Valle del Cauca between the years from 2009 to 2014, this situation can also demonstrate to observe the growing behavior of the concentration (amount of care per person) in the 2009-2012 period. Having in account the estimates made and through the application of a model of linear trend, is expected that for the year 2017 the amount of people diagnosed with glaucoma will be 6,800 approximately and the amount attentions would increase to 13,300.

It previous trend is worrying not only by its growth, but because could treat is of a disease sub registered, if it is considered the ignorance over the disease and of their factors of risk from some professional of the health and the Community general, which would induce to a wrong record of the disease , however international policies on public health, and the recently formulated ten-year Plan of public health of Colombia, have been proposed among their primary objectives reduce the impact of chronic non-communicable diseases and prevent disability resulting from late diagnosis and poor management.  The Glaucoma is the cause main of blindness irreversible in the world and is the second cause of blindness reversible after the cataract.

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