Glaucoma early detection program

programaAccording to the World Health Organization, the Glaucoma represents the first cause of world irreversible blindness. Approximately 70 million people may be diagnosed with Glaucoma and many of them do not know they have the disease.

More than 60% of these patients if they had been diagnosed on time probably would not be blind.

Despite the technological advances in ophthalmology, and the health systems efforts in many countries, the measures have not been sufficient to reduce the negative impact of glaucoma in the visual health patients. Due to that in the FOV, we think that such strategies must be aimed from the communication and broadcasting to the patients and health professional, explaining them the risk factors with the objective that the patients will be oriented and early approach to a preventive eye examination as well as massive screening campaigns focused in the Glaucoma early detection.

Of such way that since the Valley Eye Foundation (FOV) have as one as one of their objectives the contribute to reduce the possible greater amount of people with visual disability by glaucoma, through different glaucoma early detection programs and projects.

Medical Ophthalmologist and sub-specialist in Glaucoma.
Medical and Scientific Director

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